A unique project built with intention and purpose, captivating everyone who enters. Ray designed and built this amazing, one-of-a-kind exotic tower on Pura Jungla’s highest hilltop.

The Tower has a commanding panoramic 360° view of the Pacific coastline and mountains, showcasing Pura Jungla, its residential community and the Pura Jungla Nature Reserve.

The Tower has its own architectural feel and unique features. In the center is an elevator surrounded by a spiral teak staircase. All floors have rooms open to the outside, with dramatic views and the feel of being immersed in nature. Water and electricity are available throughout. All floors are thoughtfully designed and ready to be transformed into open air sitting lounges, kitchen, dining area, and other spaces.

Many of the engineered features utilize what nature provides. High quality building materials add value to its unique style. Being an environmentalist and a nature lover, Ray approached the Tower project with the utmost respect for the environment.

On the highest part of the tower, you will encounter an above-the-canopy hot tub. Be prepared for breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset. And then, after dark, gaze at billions of stars.

This unique investment opportunity offers multiple options in generating profits. 

Please reach out to us for more information and to schedule a personalized visit of the Tower and its grounds.   


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    Pura Jungla has been developing properties in Costa Rica for the last 30 years with sustainability and responsibility to Mother Nature and all her inhabitants without compromising the needs of our investors.


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