The Benefits of Santa Cruz, Gunacaste

Costa Rica is a country without an army and the safest country in Central America. Guanacaste is the most sought after province of Costa Ricans for vacations and Santa Cruz has a privileged location in this province as it has proximity to more than 6 different beaches, each one with different characteristics. Pura Jungla is 20 minutes from Santa Cruz and only 8 minutes from these beaches.



The Concept of Pura Jungla

 This concept is unique in the area. The other developments tend to cut all vegetation in the area to develop mega hotels or condominiums. In Pura Jungla we have located the constructions within the vegetation of the property. This results in an Eco Community with all its original flora and fauna. Do not worry about the animals if you do not bother them they will not bother you.

Wishing for luxury blended seemlessly with nature?

Think teak wood floors and ceilings. Open-air living with sweeping views of the Pacific. Bedrooms with walls of bird-friendly glass. Imagine feeling like you can reach out and touch the tree tops while you bathe in your colorfully tiled shower or listening to howler monkeys while you cook in your well appointed kitchen. Picture yourself enjoying a farm fresh dinner on fine china while you watch the stars on a warm Costa Rican evening.

Luxury.    Nature.    Ah….

Looking for sustainable living?

Pura Jungla Nature Reserve and Sustainable Community is an authentic expression of Mindful Living In Harmony with Nature. It all began in 1990 with 250 acres of severely degraded cattle pasture and miles of rusty barbed wire.  Several years of soil building, collecting and germinating rare seeds, planting trees,  growing food, raising domestic animals, creating wetlands and protecting the emerging forest environment with all her inhabitants has led us to where we are today.


Wondering about the details?

We will help you design and build your tropical Eco Tree House. Creativity, flexibility and attention to detail define our architects and builders and we use the best quality materials and techniques available. Your new tree house will be carefully located on your property to provide you with the utmost enjoyment of Nature’s continuous Symphony. Every effort will be made to minimize the negative ecological impacts and maximize the positive ones. In addition, our team of legal experts are at your disposal to help you with every detail from obtaining your driver’s license to obtaining residency.


Our promise to you is simple.

We will do our absolute best to make your life experience in Pura Jungla as perfect as possible.

Dreaming of what will be waiting out your front door?

Beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, and waterfalls are all waiting for you to explore.  Go horseback riding, zip-lining, or white water rafting. Or just sit home and listen to the monkeys and watch the exotic birds. Guanacaste, Costa Rica is rich in wild life and abundant in natural beauty. You can wander down winding roads through the mountains or watch the sunset over the Pacific’s deep blue waters and pounding waves. And don’t forget to shop at farm stands for passion fruit and mangoes, or sample local food at family owned restaurants, or best of all, relax in the evening sipping wine and tasting cheese made right in Pura Jungla’s Eco Community.

Need Affordability?

With lots starting at just $10.00 per square meter, Pura Jungla Eco-Community has something for everyones pocketbook. We have development land, investment and business opportunities, homes for sale, commercial investments, and all the help you need designing your sustainability plan.
All for ONE low down payment and with owner financing available. Imagine your dream and we will help you reach your goals.

We CAN create something wonderful together!

We Are Real People.

Pura Jungla Eco-Community

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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