$590,000 USD

8 Hectare parcel
within the Pura Jungla

These 8 hectares of abundant nature are nestled within the existing Pura Jungla Eco-Community. This property offers real development or estate...

$2,750,000 USD

46 Hectares
Public Roadfront

This property fronts on 800 meters of newly paved coastal road between Playa Negra and Playa Junquillal. It features beautiful tropical forest, a seasonal river, diverse eco-systems, and gently rolling terrain with many areas available for building...

$5,000,000 USD

The Tower
A Jewel in the Jungle

A unique project built with intention and purpose, captivating everyone who enters. Ray designed and built this amazing, one-of-a-kind exotic tower on Pura Jungla's highest hilltop. The Tower has a commanding panoramic...

Our Mission

Creating opportunities for development projects in a sustainable way

Pura Jungla is a 97 hectare (approximately 250 acre) property, with topography of valleys, mountains mostly covered by jungle with an interior seasonal lake. Approximately fifty percent of the property is designated as a Conservation Area / Nature Reserve. This Conservation Area supports an intact, complete fauna and flora ecosystem, allowing nature the opportunity to flourish.

Over the years, many of the neighboring properties have joined Pura Jungla in this successful conservation initiative. There are approximately 1,000 hectares in total (2,500 acres) of regenerating forests in the surrounding area, combined with low density development. This area has become a nature species bank, which allows Pura Jungla a dense wildlife population.

Trees Planted
Species Documented
Mammals and Birds
Owner and developer Ray Beise

The visionary behind Pura Jungla

Originally from Minnesota, USA, as a kid Ray always dreamed of great exploration and travelling the Continent. At 18 years of age, the very next day after his high school graduation, he said farewell to his hometown and embarked on a remarkable journey of labor, discovery and adventure throughout North America, Mexico and Central America.

Get to know the area

Welcome to Pura Vida!

The land of exotic beauty, well-being and eco-conscious living!

The beaches of Guanacaste’s Nicoya Peninsula are some of the most popular vacation destinations in Costa Rica. Known for its sunny-all-day climate during the dry season, the Nicoya Peninsula is also one of five Blue Zones in the world, making it one of the places where people live long, healthy and happy lives!

A culture to discover

There is something special about this area… something unique and inviting. Could it be its relaxed and chill vibe, with its vibrant and exotic community?

Why Costa Rica?


Clients Who Trust Us

Pura Jungla has been trusted by dozens of individuals who have invested and supported us over the years in making Pura Jungla the remarkable property it is today. Pura Jungla is home to many of these people. 

We build sustainably for the long term future of Mother Nature.

Pura Jungla has been developing properties in Costa Rica for the last 30 years with sustainability and responsibility to Mother Nature and all her inhabitants without compromising the needs of our investors.


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