Perfect Development Project Opportunity

This 46 hectare property is located along the main, newly-paved coastal road between Playa Negra and Playa Junquillal. It features tropical forest, a seasonal river, diverse ecosystems, and gently rolling terrain with many areas available for building and developing. There are existing internal roads as well for access into the property.

Mature trees create a majestic canopy of biodiversity forming a biological corridor, bringing character and prestige to the property.  Over 600 meters of seasonal river  flow inside the property’s eastern border.  Eight hundred meters of newly-paved coastal road form the western boundary, allowing roadside lot segregations and multiple access into the property.

This is an ideal location for a successful development project in today’s thriving specialized markets. Locally explosive growth is being enjoyed in such areas as  health and wellness retreat centers, boutique hotels, or eco-communities. As ecotourism demand grows, this property offers real potential for profitable return on investment.   


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Pura Jungla has been developing properties in Costa Rica for the last 30 years with sustainability and responsibility to Mother Nature and all her inhabitants without compromising the needs of our investors.


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