Project Development Opportunities in beautiful
Guanacaste, Costa Rica


8 Hectares
Development property within the Pura Jungla Eco-Community
$850,000 USD

Nested within the greater Eco-Community of Pura Jungla, this property offers great potential for a residential development project, with most of it's space ready and open for building...

46 Hectares
Development Property for eco-investors at heart
$2,500,000 USD

This amazing property of 46 hectares is located along the main, newly paved coastal road between Playa Negra and Playa Junquillal. It features beautiful tropical forest, a seasonal river, diverse fauna and eco-systems, and gently rolling terrain with many flat areas available for building...

The Tower
A Jewel in the Jungle
$5,000,000 USD

A most unique and distinguished project that was built with intention and purpose. It has it's unique persona and character, charming anyone who enters its' premises, like nothing you have experienced before. Ray designed and built this amazing, one-of-a-kind exotic tower on Pura Jungla's highest hilltop...

To be the most trusted name in real estate globally

We continuously strive to provide the best living experience. Today, better than yesterday. Tomorrow, better than today. By developing landmark buildings and expansive residences in record time, ensuring the most fulfilling lives to their occupants.

The visionary behind Pura Jungla

Originally from Minnesota, USA, Ray always dreamed as a kid of great exploration and travelling the Continent. At the age of 18 years old, the very next day after his high school graduation, he said farewell to his hometown and embarked on a remarkable journey of labor, discovery and adventure throughout North America, Mexico and Central America.

Welcome to Pura Vida!

The land of exotic beauty, well-being and eco-conscious living!

Guanacaste’s Nicoya Peninsula coastal beaches are some of the most sought for and popular vacation destinations of Costa Rica. Known for it’s perfect sunny all day climate during the dry season, the Nicoya Peninsula is also one of five Blue Zones in the world, making it one of the places where people live long, healthy and happy lives!

A culture to discover

There is something special about this area… Something unique and inviting.. Could it be its relaxed and chill vibe, with its vibrant and exotic community…

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