What is Pura Jungla?

Pura Jungla is a 100 hectares (250 acre) property, with topography of valleys and mountains, mostly jungle with an interior seasonal lake. Approximately fifty percent of the property is designated as Conservation Area / Nature Reserve.

This Conservation Area supports an intact and complete fauna and flora ecosystem, allowing nature the opportunity to florish.

Over the years, many of the neighboring properties have joined Pura Jungla in this successful conservation initiative. There are approximately 1,000 hectares in total (2,500 acres) of regenerating forests in the surrounding area, combined with low density development. This area has become a nature species bank which allows Pura Jungla a dense wildlife population.

At the Pura Jungla community, we share strong beliefs in doing our best to live in harmony with our surroundings and ourselves.

Whether you are…

                    • Interested in developing your own permaculture or off-grid project

                    • Passionate about observing nature and wildlife

                    • Or simply wish to create your own sanctuary in a peaceful, natural setting

Pura Jungla offers the freedom and space needed to live the lifestyle you desire and create your projects and dreams.

Pura Jungla is an ongoing growing community of like-minded people, living independently while sharing the Conservation Areas and it’s ecosystems.