Tamarindo vs. Junquillal

PLAYA TAMARINDO offers something completely different from the Pura Jungla experience. Tamarindo is the classic beach tourism town with nightlife, restaurants, crafts, artisans, and even a gambling casino. Tamarindo caters to all types of tourists with at least 1,000 rooms and full tourism attractions including –

  • Over 50 restaurants and bars
  • Surfing schools
  • Boutique stores and souvenir shops
  • Organic and health supplies stores
  • Four English language / USA curriculum kinder through high school education centers
  • Three National Banks
  • World class offshore fishing
  • Multiple large and small supermarkets
  • Health clinics
  • A domestic service airport

PURA JUNGLA area has a distinct, laid-back atmosphere with far less tourism than its northern neighbor. Our neck of the woods features real peace and quiet and of course, much more forest and wildlife.

Our area has as its own brand of amenities all within 5 to 10 minutes drive:

  • 2 km to Playas Junquillal, Blanca and Callejones, 3 km to Playa Venado, 4 km to Playa Negra and 7 km to Playa Avellanas and the infamous Lolas restaurant
  • Over 20 restaurants and bars
  • Surfing schools
  • Boutique stores and souvenir shops
  • Ten small hotels / eco-adventure-wellness lodges (all with bars / restaurants)
  • A number of grocery convenience stores
  • A large construction materials / hardware store
  • Local schools 

There are approximately 250 foreigners living here full-time and another 300 or so part-time. This growing expat community has been positively interfacing with the locals and integrating very well within the community for over 50 years, which can be witnessed throughout many of the local organizations and groups.

The area is the gateway to the road leading south all the way down the coast of the Nicoya peninsula.